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FoldTukTM Roaster
18lb Turkey or 20lb Roast
Another Cook-Serve-Store Innovation

The Roaster (18 lb fowl and 20 lb roast capacity) by FoldTuk Kitchenware is another Cook-Serve-Store innovation able to withstand conventional oven temperatures up to 500F (260C). The clever elliptic cover can completely surround meat products and provide a moist, crispy, evenly roasted meal. The Roaster utilizes FoldTuk's renowned "fold and tuck" technology, which in function expands the pan and cover to a fully opened position of approximately 9 inches in height and provides convenient adjustable heights for refrigerators. Yet, amazingly, this enormous FoldTuk Roaster takes up very little kitchen storage space when the pan and cover are collapsed to a height of less than 3 inches. The product is so unique that it has international patents pending.

FoldTuk Meat Roaster comes in different colors.
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